Oxygen generator PRINCIPEL

PSA Technology

PSA technology, also called Pressure Swing Adsorption, involves the separation of air and gas from ambient air, which is used as a raw material.
PSA technology uses two towers filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). When the tank is pressurized by compressed air, nitrogen or oxygen is gradually retained by the molecular sieve and the gas produced is released directly at the generator outlet. At high pressures, the molecular sieve absorbs oxygen (or nitrogen), carbon dioxide, and steam from the air into the water, allowing nitrogen (or oxygen) to pass through.
When the tank is almost full, the process continues until the second tank and the gas absorbed by the first receiver is released into the atmosphere. While one tank is absorbing, another is rebuilding itself by reducing pressure.
The electronically controlled cycle is then repeated to produce high purity and stable oxygen or nitrogen.


Application Fields


Application Fields