Nitrogen Generators and Oxygen Generators

OXYGEN Generator and NITROGEN Generator

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Our generators work perfectly all over the world

We have installed many numbers of NITROBERG® (Nitrogen Generators) and OXYBERG® (Oxygen Generators) all over the world. for instance from Germany to Bangladesh and to the Africa. We always design the units for the actual working conditions and no challenge is too big. we develop tailor-made generators and solutions for end customers requiring special Generators.

All BERG Generators are handmade in Germany. Therefore they are highly sustainable quality, and more reliable.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

Our NITROBERG® can produce a purity of 97% to 99.9999% with a flow rate of 1.4 – 1057 Nm3/h.

PSA Oxygen Generators

Our OXYBERG® can produce a purity of 90% to 95% with a Capacity of 1.8 – 200 Nm3/h.

PSA Technology for Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators

In PSA technology, we use Pressure Swing Adsorption to separate Nitrogen and Oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere air. This is a key step because it serves as the main raw material. This process is crucial because it serves as the main raw material.

PSA technology, or Pressure Swing Absorption, is like sorting air to take out the useful parts. It separates N2 and O2 from what we breathe, and then we use this separated air as the main stuff we work with.

PSA technology uses two towers filled with carbon molecular sieves (CMS). When we pressurise the tank with Pure compressed air, the molecular sieve gradually captures nitrogen or oxygen. It then releases the produced gas directly at the generator outlet.

When there’s a lot of pressure, the sieve soaks up oxygen (or nitrogen), carbon dioxide, and steam from the air into the water. and then this lets nitrogen (or oxygen) pass through.

As the tank reaches its limit, the process actively continues until the second tank takes charge. The first tank then actively releases the absorbed gas into the atmosphere. While one tank is absorbing, the other is proactively rebuilding itself by reducing pressure.

While one tank is absorbing, another is rebuilding itself by reducing pressure.

The system actively repeats the digitally controlled cycle to generate consistently high-purity and stable oxygen or nitrogen.

The advantage of Nitrogen Generators and Oxygen generators compared to other production methods:

the PSA technology for the production of nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) gas offers several advantages. particularly for on-site generation. for instance here are some of the key advantages of nitrogen generator and Oxygen generators: 

1. On-Site Production

  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Generated Locally
  • Eliminates Transportation and Storage Needs

2. Cost-Effectiveness

  • Long-Term Savings Compared to Cylinder Expenses
  • Quick Return on Investment

3. Energy Efficiency

  • Utilizes Adsorption Properties for Separation
  • More Energy-Efficient than Cryogenic Methods

4. High Purity

  • Produces Nitrogen and Oxygen with High Purity
  • Suitable for Various Applications

5. Reliability

  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Continuous Operation

6. Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Minimizes Greenhouse Gas Emissions

7. Safety

  • Reduces Risks Associated with Gas Cylinders
  • Enhances Workplace Safety

8. Convenience

  • Ensures Continuous Gas Supply
  • Eliminates Handling of Gas Cylinders

9. Customization

  • Tailored to Specific Application Needs
  • Suitable for Various Industries

PSA Oxygen Generator


PSA Nitrogen Generator