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BERG GaseTech GmbH develops, manufactures and supply O2 and N2 PSA Generators and systems on-site with optimised quality. Made in Germany. We are responsible in development and production, towards our customers and partners as well as our society and the environment.

We do sustainability competent advice, professional training and qualified service. Our PSA systems are used for most industrial applications. We are known for Gases PSA systems. We offer the best on-site oxygen and nitrogen PSA system solutions and are becoming more and more popular brands in the market.

At the same time, a compressed air system tailored to your requirements offers you maximum process reliability by Berg Kompressoren. therefore you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your compressed air.

As a German manufacturer of Oxygen and Nitrogen gas generators based on PSA system, we would like to express our desire to cooperate with your esteemed company.

Here you will find our catalog of O2/N2 gas generators “Made in Germany” for your review.

We have been in the PSA Air Separation business for 18 years and have marketed the PSA generators in several regions around the world. That’s why we founded the independent company BERG GaseTech GmbH, D-47807 Krefeld, in 2021, which is exclusively concerned with the production of O2 and N2 gas generators.

With the new corporate strategy, we are firmly convinced that by producing OEM products we can serve special markets such as Germany and Europe in a more targeted and professional manner.

We would like to hear your opinion as to whether our PSA generators would be of interest to your company as part of an OEM contract.

BERG GaseTech GmbH deals and works with the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of high-quality and economical products and systems for Air separation for N2 and O2 gas PSA Generators.