An industrial oxygen generator is essential for a range of applications, from metal processing to fish farming.

These generators produce high purity oxygen through a process known as pressure swing adsorption (PSA), which separates oxygen from compressed air.

This technology is both efficient and cost-effective, making it a preferred choice for industries requiring a reliable oxygen supply.

Key Features of Oxygen Generators

PSA Technology

At the core of our oxygen generators is psa technology. This method utilizes a zeolite molecular sieve to selectively adsorb nitrogen and other gases from ambient air, allowing only oxygen to pass through. The result is a stream of high purity oxygen, ready for industrial use.

High Purity Oxygen

Our generators produce oxygen with a purity level that meets the stringent requirements of various industries. Whether you need oxygen for metal cutting, welding, or medical applications, our generators ensure you get the purest oxygen possible.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By generating oxygen onsite, industries can significantly reduce their reliance on external oxygen supplies, leading to substantial cost savings. The efficiency of PSA also means that operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Versatility and Applications

Our oxygen generators are designed to cater to a wide range of applications. From metal processing and water treatment to fish farming and healthcare, these generators provide a reliable oxygen supply tailored to specific industrial needs.

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Advantages of our Onsite Oxygen Generators

  • Cost Savings: Onsite oxygen generation eliminates the need for purchasing and transporting oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Reliability: Onsite oxygen generators ensure a continuous and uninterrupted supply of oxygen, critical for operations that cannot afford downtime.
  • Customization: Our oxygen generators can be tailored to meet specific flow requirements and purity levels, providing a customized solution for each application.
  • Environmental Benefits: By generating oxygen onsite, industries reduce their carbon footprint associated with the transportation and handling of oxygen supplies.

Understanding the PSA Technology

Pressure swing adsorption is a process that involves two vessels filled with a zeolite molecular sieve. Compressed air pass through one vessel, where nitrogen is adsorbed by the zeolite, allowing oxygen to pass through.

The second vessel undergoes desorption to release the adsorbed nitrogen, preparing it for the next cycle. This continuous process ensures a steady supply of oxygen.

Zeolite Molecular Sieve:

The zeolite used in PSA is a porous material with a high affinity for nitrogen molecules. Its unique structure allows it to effectively separate nitrogen from oxygen, ensuring high purity output.

Compressed Air:

The source of oxygen is ambient air, which is compressed and dried before entering the PSA system. This ensures that the air entering the system is free of moisture and contaminants, enhancing the efficiency of the separation process.

Technical Specifications

  • Oxygen Purity: Our generators are capable of producing oxygen with purity levels up to 95%, suitable for most industrial and medical applications.
  • Flow Rates: The flow rates of our generators range from small units designed for specific applications to large systems capable of producing thousands of cubic meters of oxygen per hour.
  • Pressure Levels: Our industrial oxygen generator can deliver oxygen at various pressure levels from 1-150bar, tailored to meet the needs of different industrial processes.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our generators utilize advanced control systems to optimize power consumption, ensuring cost-effective operation.

For more information on how our oxygen generator can benefit your operations, contact us today and let us help you achieve optimal oxygen generation.

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Applications of Industrial Oxygen Generators

Metal Industry:

In the metal industry, oxygen is used for cutting, welding, and steel production. Our oxygen generators provide the high purity oxygen needed for efficient and precise metalworking processes.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting:

Oxygen is a crucial component in oxy-fuel cutting processes, where a high-temperature flame is used to melt and remove metal. Oxygen generator provides a reliable and on-site source of oxygen for these cutting operations.

Oxy-Fuel Welding:

Oxy-fuel welding, also known as gas welding, relies on the combustion of acetylene and oxygen to generate a high-temperature flame for welding metals. Oxygen generators supply the required oxygen for this welding process.

Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF):

In the steelmaking process, Basic Oxygen Furnaces are used to convert molten iron into steel by blowing oxygen through the molten metal.

PSA oxygen generators contribute to the supply of oxygen needed in the BOF process, facilitating efficient steel production.

Oxygen Enrichment in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF):

In electric arc furnaces, oxygen enrichment can be used to optimize the combustion process and enhance the efficiency of melting scrap metal to produce steel. The oxygen generator supplies a cost-effective solution for oxygen supply in EAF operations.

Carburizing and Hardening:

Oxygen is often used in metal heat treatment processes, such as carburizing and hardening, where precise control of the atmosphere is essential.

Oxygen generators contribute to creating the controlled environments required for these heat treatment applications.

Metal Powder Production:

In the production of metal powders, such as iron or aluminum powders, an oxygen generator can be used to provide oxygen for the atomization process. This process involves the conversion of molten metal into small droplets that solidify into fine powders.

Metal Surface Treatment:

  • Flame Cleaning: Oxygen is used in flame cleaning processes to remove oxides, scale, and impurities from metal surfaces. PSA oxygen generators supply the oxygen needed for the controlled flame used in this surface treatment method.
  • Thermal Spraying: In thermal spraying applications, oxygen is often required to support combustion in processes like flame spraying or plasma spraying. An oxygen generator contribute to the reliable and continuous supply of oxygen for thermal spraying operations.

Metal Annealing:

  • Cupola Furnaces: In cupola furnaces used for melting metal in foundries, oxygen enrichment can enhance the combustion process and improve efficiency. Oxygen generators provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for oxygen supply in cupola furnace operations.

BERG Oxygen Generators are currently using in some other application as bellow;


Hospitals and medical facilities require a constant supply of oxygen for patient care. Our generators ensure a reliable and pure oxygen source, critical for medical applications.

Water Treatment:

Oxygen is essential for various water treatment processes, including the removal of contaminants and the support of aerobic bacteria in wastewater treatment plants.

Fish Farms:

Maintaining adequate oxygen levels in fish farming operations is crucial for the health and growth of aquatic species. Our generators provide a continuous supply of oxygen to support these environments.