Reliable Oxygen Supply for Fish Farming & Water Treatment

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generators are widely used in fish farming and water treatment due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness, providing a reliable oxygen supply essential for these industries.

Key Features of our Oxygen Generators

PSA Technology

Our oxygen generators utilize PSA technology. This process employs a zeolite molecular sieve to selectively adsorb nitrogen and other gases from ambient air, allowing only high-purity oxygen to pass through. This ensures an optimal oxygen supply for fish farming and water treatment processes.

High Purity Oxygen

Our generators deliver oxygen with high purity levels, meeting the stringent demands of fish farms and water treatment facilities. This high-purity oxygen supports aquatic life and improves water quality.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Onsite oxygen generation reduces reliance on external supplies, leading to substantial cost savings. The efficiency of PSA technology ensures minimal operating costs.

Versatility and Applications

Our oxygen generators are versatile, tailored to the specific needs of fish farming and water treatment. They provide reliable oxygen for enhancing aquatic life health, improving water treatment efficiency, and supporting various related processes.

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Efficiency Increase of your Fish Farms

  • Cost Savings: Onsite oxygen generation eliminates the need for purchasing and transporting oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen, resulting in significant cost savings for fish farms and water treatment facilities.
  • Reliability: Onsite oxygen generators ensure a continuous and uninterrupted oxygen supply, crucial for operations that cannot afford downtime.
  • Customization: Our oxygen generators can be tailored to meet specific flow requirements and purity levels, providing a customized solution for each application.
  • Environmental Benefits: By generating oxygen onsite, industries reduce their carbon footprint associated with the transportation and handling of oxygen supplies.

Understanding PSA Technology

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) involves two vessels filled with zeolite molecular sieves. Compressed air passes through one vessel where nitrogen is adsorbed by the zeolite, allowing oxygen to pass through. The second vessel undergoes desorption, releasing the adsorbed nitrogen and preparing for the next cycle. This continuous process ensures a steady supply of oxygen.

Zeolite Molecular Sieve

The zeolite in PSA has a porous structure with a high affinity for nitrogen molecules, effectively separating nitrogen from oxygen to ensure high purity output.

Compressed Air

Ambient air, compressed and dried, is used as the oxygen source. This pre-treatment removes moisture and contaminants, enhancing separation efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Oxygen Purity: Our generators produce oxygen with purity levels up to 95%, suitable for enhancing fish health and improving water treatment efficiency.
  • Flow Rates: Our systems range from small units for specific applications to large systems producing thousands of cubic meters of oxygen per hour, accommodating various needs in fish farming and wastewater treatment
  • Pressure Levels: Our generators can deliver oxygen at various pressure levels from 1-150bar, tailored to the specific requirements of fish farms and water treatment processes.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our generators utilize advanced control systems to optimize power consumption, ensuring cost-effective operation.

For more information on how our oxygen generator can benefit your fish farms, contact us today and let us help you achieve optimal oxygen generation for your biogas plant.

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What our Gas Generators Do for You

1. Aquaculture

  • In fish farming, it’s really important to have the right amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. This helps the fish and other water creatures stay healthy and grow well. PSA oxygen generators make sure there’s always enough oxygen in the water for fish and other water animals. This helps keep them healthy and creates the best conditions for them to live and grow.

Fish farms have different needs when it comes to oxygen. PSA oxygen generators let fish farmers change the oxygen levels in the water at fish farm to match what each type of fish needs.

  • Increased Stocking Density: With proper oxygenation, fish farmers can increase stocking density in ponds, leading to higher production yields. This is particularly important for commercial aquaculture operations aiming to maximize output.

Guaranteed oxygen supply is crucial for keeping water clean because it helps bacteria break down waste. These bacteria need oxygen to do their job and break down organic matter, like leftover food and fish waste, in the water. PSA oxygen generators assist in managing water and air quality parameters, reducing the risk of oxygen depletion, and promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

2. Ecological Restoration

  • PSA oxygen generators actively contribute to restoring wetlands and lakes. By adding oxygen to the water, these systems help bring back natural ecosystems and revive aquatic habitats.
  • Enhancing Biodiversity: Oxygen from PSA generators can foster a wide variety of aquatic life, like fish, and amphibians. It helps to thrive and grow in projects aimed at boosting biodiversity.

3. Research and Conservation

  • Aquatic Research Facilities: PSA oxygen generators are employed in research facilities dedicated to studying aquatic ecosystems and conducting experiments on fish behavior, physiology, and ecology.
  • Conservation Efforts: PSA oxygen generators help maintain the right oxygen levels in controlled environments for captive breeding or rehabilitating aquatic species in conservation projects.

4. Hatcheries and Larviculture

  • Fish Hatcheries: PSA oxygen generators are utilized in fish hatcheries to support the early growth stages of fish larvae. Maintaining optimal oxygen levels is critical for the success of hatchery operations.
  • Larval Rearing: Aquaculture operations where fish larvae are rised before being transferred to grow-out ponds. it is a benefit from the precise control of oxygen levels provided by PSA oxygen generators.

Water Treatment

Our oxygen generators are widely work in water treatment applications. playing a crucial role in various processes where a controlled and reliable oxygen supply is essential. Water treatment relies on the oxygen generation for aeration, oxidation, and disinfection using oxygen systems. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the application fields of PSA oxygen generators in water treatment:

1. Aeration

  • Activated Sludge Process: Oxygen is essential for the aerobic treatment of wastewater in activated sludge processes. PSA oxygen generators provide oxygen for aeration systems, which support aerobic bacteria in breaking down organic matter in wastewater.
  • Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR): BNR processes, such as the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater, require oxygen for microbial activity. PSA oxygen generators provide the necessary oxygen for promoting biological nutrient removal in wastewater treatment plants.

2. Oxidation

  • Ozonation: Oxygen serves as the input gas for producing ozone in water treatment processes. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent. it removes organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as controls taste, odor, and color in water. PSA oxygen generators supply oxygen for ozone production, enhancing the efficiency of ozonation processes.
  • Chemical oxidation uses oxygen to break down organic pollutants and remove disinfection byproducts from water during the treatment process. PSA oxygen generators provide a continuous and controlled supply of oxygen for chemical oxidation reactions.

3. Disinfection

  • Oxygenation for Disinfection: Oxygenation of water enhances the effectiveness of disinfection processes, such as chlorination and UV treatment. PSA oxygen generators supply oxygen for oxygenation systems, improving the disinfection efficiency and microbial inactivation rates in water treatment.
  • Oxygen-Enhanced Aeration: Oxygen-enhanced aeration systems in water treatment plants improve the disinfection efficiency of chlorination and UV treatment processes. PSA oxygen generators provide oxygen for these systems, enhancing the microbial inactivation rates and ensuring water quality compliance.

4. Oxygenation in Water Bodies

Lake and Pond Management: Oxygenation system enhances water quality. problems like low oxygen and algae blooms in lakes and ponds no longer remain. PSA oxygen generators supply oxygen for aeration systems, supporting aerobic conditions and improving oxygen content in water ecosystems.

5. Oxygenation in Drinking Water Treatment

  • Groundwater Treatment: Oxygenation in groundwater Treatment processes enhances the natural reduction of contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds and petroleum hydrocarbons. PSA oxygen generators supply oxygen for oxygenation systems, facilitating the biodegradation of contaminants in groundwater.

6. Emergency Oxygen Supply

  • Emergency Response: PSA oxygen generators are handy for supplying emergency oxygen in water treatment plants during power outages, equipment failures, or other urgent situations. The generators ensure a continuous supply of oxygen for critical water treatment processes, maintaining operational resilience and continuity.
We are very happy that with a lot of experience, we can be by your side in equipping water treatment plants and fish farming centers
We are very happy that with a lot of experience, we can be by your side in equipping water treatment plants and fish farming centers