Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators find several applications in the production and storage of vegetable oils. Nitrogen is often used in the vegetable oil industry for various purposes, including blanketing, inerting, and preservation. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the application fields of PSA nitrogen generators in the context of vegetable oils:

1.Edible Oil Processing and Packaging:

Blanketing and Inerting: Nitrogen is used to create an inert atmosphere in edible oil processing and packaging to prevent oxidation and rancidity. PSA nitrogen generators supply a continuous and controlled stream of nitrogen for blanketing oil storage tanks and packaging areas, ensuring the quality and shelf life of the oils.

Purging of Headspaces: In packaging lines, nitrogen is often used to purge the headspaces of oil containers before sealing to displace oxygen and reduce the risk of oxidative degradation. PSA nitrogen generators provide a cost-effective and on-site solution for generating the nitrogen required for purging applications.

2.Vegetable Oil Storage:

Controlled Atmosphere Storage: Nitrogen is employed in controlled atmosphere storage rooms for vegetable oils to minimize oxidation and maintain the freshness and quality of the oils during long-term storage. PSA nitrogen generators contribute to maintaining the desired nitrogen levels in storage environments.

Prevention of Oxidation: Nitrogen is used to displace oxygen in storage tanks and containers, preventing the oxidative deterioration of vegetable oils. PSA nitrogen generators play a crucial role in creating and maintaining nitrogen-rich atmospheres in storage facilities.

3.Oilseed Processing:

Inerting during Extraction: Creating an inert environment during extraction: In the extraction processes employed to obtain oils from seeds, nitrogen serves to establish an inert atmosphere, thus averting oxidation. PSA nitrogen generators facilitate this process by supplying nitrogen, thereby enhancing the quality of the extracted substances.

Purging gases during deodorization: In the deodorization process, a pivotal stage in oil refining, nitrogen can function as a purging agent to eliminate volatile compounds. PSA nitrogen generators play a crucial role in furnishing the necessary nitrogen for purging within deodorization towers.

4.Oil Refining Processes:

Hydrogenation: In the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, where hydrogen is added to unsaturated fats to make them more saturated, nitrogen is used to create an inert atmosphere. PSA nitrogen generators contribute to the provision of nitrogen for maintaining the desired atmosphere during hydrogenation processes.

Deodorization: Nitrogen is used in the deodorization step to remove unwanted odors and flavors from vegetable oils. PSA nitrogen generators supply nitrogen for the purge gas used in deodorization towers.

5.Prevention of Contamination:

Inerting in Processing Equipment: Nitrogen is employed to create inert environments in various processing equipment to prevent the oxidation and contamination of vegetable oils. PSA nitrogen generators provide the necessary nitrogen for creating controlled atmospheres within processing vessels.

Blanketing during Transportation: Nitrogen is used to blanket and protect vegetable oils during transportation in tankers or containers. PSA nitrogen generators offer a convenient and on-site solution for supplying nitrogen to maintain the desired atmosphere during transit.

6.Oil Quality Enhancement in vegetable oils:

Preventing Polymerization: Nitrogen can be used to minimize the risk of polymerization reactions in vegetable oils, particularly at high temperatures. PSA nitrogen generators contribute to creating inert environments that help prevent undesirable chemical reactions and maintain oil quality.

In summary, PSA nitrogen generators are integral to various stages of vegetable oil production, processing, and storage. They play a crucial role in preventing oxidation, extending shelf life, and enhancing the overall quality of vegetable oils. The versatility of PSA nitrogen generators makes them a valuable asset in the vegetable oil industry for creating controlled atmospheres in different processes.