Oxygen generators are also used in medical applications. Our OXYBERG® Generators produce high-purity medical oxygen for hospitals.
These generators utilise the principle of pressure swing adsorption to separate oxygen from ambient air. The PSA O2 gas Generator compared to external oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen tanks. It’s really more safer and low-cost.

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Elevate Patient Care with Precision Medical Oxygen Generation

At BERG GaseTech GmbH, we have made it our mission to improve medical care with the latest technology. Introducing our state-of-the-art Oxygen Medical PSA Gas Generator. OXYBERG is a reliable and efficient solution for on-site oxygen generation.

Why Choose Our Medical OXYGEN Generators?

1. Precision Oxygen Production:

  • Our PSA Gas Generator employs advanced technology to deliver precise oxygen concentrations, meeting the highest medical standards. Ensure optimal patient care with consistent and reliable oxygen levels.

2. Cost-Efficient Solution:

  • Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of traditional oxygen cylinder deliveries. Our PSA gas generator allows you to generate oxygen on site. you don’t need for any frequent refills and reducing operating costs.

3. Continuous Availability:

  • Never worry about running out of oxygen. Our generator ensures a continuous and reliable supply, providing peace of mind for healthcare. OXYBERG® provide professionals and non stop care for patients. better than any other home oxygen concentrator.

4. Compact and Space-Saving Design:

  • Designed with more efficiency and compact. Our PSA Gas Generator boasts a compact footprint, making it suitable for facilities with limited space. Maximise your resources without compromising on performance.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Easily monitor and control the oxygen generation process with our intuitive user interface. Our generator easily fits into medical facilities, and your staff won’t need much training. It’s a simple solution that lets your team focus on taking great care of patients.

Here are some of the key application fields of PSA medical oxygen generators in the medical industry:

– Hospitals and Clinics:

  • Ensure a steady supply of medical-grade oxygen for patients in hospitals and clinics.
  • Surgical Procedures: During surgical procedures, a reliable and on-demand supply of oxygen is essential for patients undergoing anaesthesia. PSA oxygen generators ensure a continuous source of high-purity oxygen for operating rooms.
  • Each patient need 3-5 liters per minute pure oxygen to keep the right blood oxygen level.

– Emergency Response Units:

  • Equip ambulances and emergency response units with on-site oxygen generation for immediate patient care.
  • Emergency Situations: PSA oxygen generators play a vital role in providing immediate and sustained oxygen supply to patients. supplemental oxygen. oxygen flow is important for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

– Veterinary Clinics:

  • Enhance animal care with precision oxygen supply for veterinary procedures.
  • Animal Care: deliver Oxygen also used in veterinary medicine for surgeries and emergency care. BERG O2 generators is using in veterinary clinics to supply oxygen to animals in need.

– Oxygen Bars:

Wellness and Relaxation: PSA oxygen generators are used in wellness centers , hyperbaric chamber or oxygen bars, where people can experience oxygen therapy for relaxation and beauty. mostly in united state a higher oxygen continues flow use for health care.

We are proud to have equipped many hospitals around the world
We are proud to have equipped many hospitals around the world

How It Works:

  • Adsorption Process: The PSA Gas Generator utilises a unique adsorption process to separate oxygen from other gases, ensuring high purity.
  • Oxygen tank and Storage: Our system actively stores the generated oxygen in a dedicated reservoir, ensuring it’s readily available whenever you need it. Your oxygen supply is always at your fingertips, providing swift access to the right amount whenever required.
  • Automatic Controls: Smart controls ensure the system operates efficiently, with automatic adjustments based on demand.

Advantages of our PSA Medical Oxygen Generators Over Traditional Methods:

  • Reduced Dependency: Eliminate dependence on external oxygen suppliers and enjoy autonomy in oxygen production.
  • Environmental Impact: Lower carbon footprint compared to traditional cylinder delivery methods.
  • Cost Savings: Experience significant cost savings over time with reduced functional expenses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Oxygen Purity: Exceeds 93% -95% purity for medical oxygen grade.
  • Capacity: Tailorable options to meet the specific needs of your facility.
  • Maintenance: Low-maintenance design for increased reliability.

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